Ultrasound imaging (Sonography)

Painless method for diagnosing a wide range of eye diseases.

Ultrasound imaging (Sonography) represents a non-invasive, contact, painless method for diagnosing a wide range of eye diseases, especially in patients where conventional methods of examination are insufficient to provide accurate diagnoses.


B-scan system is a two-dimensional insight into the posterior segment of the eye, when the clinical examination cannot facilitate seeing of the structures of the eye, usually due to cataract or cornea. Preoperative examination of this method excludes the possibility that the loss of vision, is caused by some other pathological condition other than cataracts, such as: retinal detachment, tumor, bleeding, changes that occur as the result of diabetic retinopathy, inflammation and similar.

This method is used in patients suffering from Graves’ (Basedow’s) disease (thyroid disease) in order to detect changes in the extra-ocular muscles and orbit, which are inaccessible to clinical examination.

A-scan system is used almost exclusively for Biometrics, or ultrasonic measuring of the length of the eyeball.

“Zona Vida Veselinovic Ophthalmology Clinic” is equipped with the state-of-art ultrasound Compact Touch 3-in-1 Ultrasound system, Quantel Medical, and our doctors are certified for training in this field, by the “School of Ultrasound in Ophthalmology”, which is organized under the auspices of Serbian Association of Ophthalmologists.

The main consultant for ultrasound diagnostics in our clinic is Prof. Ivan Stefanovic, MD PhD. Director of the School of ultrasound and echo-biometry in ophthalmology.

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