Contact lenses

Contact lenses are considered (medical) optical devices that are worn to correct vision, for therapeutic and cosmetic reasons.

Technological progress has done that now we have a lens that is biocompatible with good optical characteristics and comfort.

Depending on the material they are made from, they can be soft and hard contact lenses.

Soft contact lenses are more easily tolerated and patients adapt to them more quickly.

Classification by the replacement schedule soft contact lenses may be daily, monthly, quarterly and annual..

Daily soft contact lenses are removed from the original packaging in the morning, inserted in the eye and removed and discarded in the evening. The advantage is that they do not require solutions for the storing and maintenance of soft contact lenses, thereby shortening the procedure of inserting and removing the lenses and the possibilities of infection. Suitable for sportsmen, business people and those who travel, for those who are prone to allergies, when a pause is required in the use of previous contact lenses (concomitant application of local therapy, pause for a transition with GP (gas-permeable) to soft contact lenses, pregnancy, etc.). They are an excellent solution for those who wear contact lenses, and do want the best for your eyes.

Monthly soft contact lenses are replaced every month. Placed in the morning and removed in the evening and stored and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They can be continuously worn for 6 days but this is not recommended. The ophthalmologists’ device is that soft contact lenses should always be removed before going to sleep, and if possible, during the day (combined wearing glasses and contact lenses).

Quarterly soft contact lenses are lenses for extended wear and can be worn continuously for a month. They are recommended for certain professions, although due to a number of adverse effects, especially irritation and redness, their use is less and less frequent.

Colour soft contact lenses

With the new fashion trends in the world there is an increasing number of people, although there is no need for vision correction, who wants to change their eye color using contact lenses. In addition, these lenses can be diopter color.

Rigid contact lenses

There are two types of lenses (classic “hard” and rigid gas-permeable). They are custom made to the patient, and their application is required for some conditions such as keratoconus astigmatism. It takes a longer period for patients to get used to these lenses.

Eye examinations for contact lenses


Advantages of contact lenses over glasses

  1. Wider field of view
  2. No restrictions related to the glasses frame
  3. No phenomenon of diminished or magnified figures especially for larger ametropias
  4. No fogging of glasses during temperature changes
  5. Patient always looks through the optical center

Patients’ FAQ

Can I sleep with soft contact lenses?
You should not be sleeping with contact lenses because it leads to irritation and redness. In the event that you were sleeping with lenses, you should remove them in the morning, do the maintenance procedure and only then insert them back into the eyes.

Can lenses cause an allergic reaction?
An allergic reaction to lenses is possible, both to the material they are made of, and to the deposits of proteins, which accumulate on the lens itself (due to improper maintenance, wearing and irregular replacement of lenses), then rubbed into the upper eyelid by blinking which further leads to Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis.

Is it necessary to strictly adhere to lens replacement schedule e.g. after a month or is it possible to wear them longer?
Soft contact lenses should be replaced every month. You must comply with the manufacturer’s instructions on replacement schedule. Longer period of contact lenses wearing than the one prescribed by the manufacturer may cause eye infection and host other unwanted reactions.

Will I be able to wear lenses when I have conjunctivitis?
It is possible to wear only daily soft contact lenses enabling therapy application over them, but they are inserted in the morning and removed and discarded in the evening.

Can I go in for sports?
You can go in for sports only if you wear soft contact lenses.

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