The first spring ophthalmologic symposium was held

The best ophthalmologists from all over Serbia and one colleague from Slovenia gathered in Niš and exchanged experiences and attitudes regarding this branch of medicine. The ten lectures, during the professional part of the symposium, showed the extent of the progress ophthalmology had made in respect to eye treatment.

According to Professor Veslinović, the idea behind organizing this congress was for ophthalmologists to gather and socialize and for the Specialized eye hospital “Veselinović” to provide scientific contribution with lectures of eminent experts, professors, and ophthalmologists.

Local experts were supported by the experience and knowledge of a colleague from Slovenia, Vladimir Pfeifer. In his lecture, he referred to a not-so-common phenomenon, which is a cataract in children.

Professor Ljubiša Nikolić said that small gatherings are often better for the exchange of experiences and he added that one always learns something from colleagues at these events.

The “Contemporary Ophthalmology” symposium was organized with the cooperation between the specialized eye hospital “Veselinović” and the Niš branch of the Serbian Medical Society.

The professional part of the symposium was followed by the informal part in which the collection of poems by Professor Veselinović symbolically entitled “When Eyes Speak” was presented. At the end of the symposium, the participants agreed that these gatherings should become a tradition.

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