In Niš, the specialized eye hospital “Veselinović” was established

The professional team of the specialized eye hospital uses state-of-the-art equipment that makes it possible to perform the diagnostics of ophthalmologic diseases. A comprehensive examination enables early diagnostics and treatment of most eye diseases.

The specialized eye hospital is the continuation, at a higher level and with more modern equipment, of the “Zona Vida Veselinović” Clinic.

The patients of this hospital have access to far better diagnostics and treatment, especially in the field of surgery. In addition to the anterior segment of the eye and cataract surgery, the surgery of the posterior segment of the eye is performed at this clinic, as well as the surgery of other contemporary eye diseases.

According to Professor Dr. Ivan Stefanović from Belgrade, who performs the most demanding surgeries in ophthalmology, this is one of the most modern and best-equipped institutions, an exceptional place where patients gain true benefits owing to the high-quality of the work of the best surgeons.

Thanks to the superior equipment and expertise of the doctors, this hospital can help patients with severe cataracts. And, owing to the specializations of young doctors, the goal is to provide supreme services in all segments of the profession.

The hospital is equipped with 10 beds, primarily for the patients that have surgeries under general anesthesia, although ophthalmology has mostly shifted to day surgery.

The hospital is also wide open for the patients that will be able to have surgery with just a referral, without paying any part of the surgery thanks to the cooperation with the National Health Insurance Fund.

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